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Thursday, February 11, 2016 7:07 PM
  • Five lessons from 2015 and their impact on 2016

    The weather in Chicago has been unusually warm for this time of year and I, recently, found myself stopping at my usual coffee shop for a cup of dark roast and then heading to my favorite spot to review my 2015 journal.

  • Here’s to the 2 percent who understand goal setting
    This is the time of year when it seems appropriate to discuss goal setting. I usually fall into the trap of writing about the importance of establishing aggressive, but attainable goals to attain consistent success, believing I will create some magical transformation in non-goal setters who are just not inclined to do it.
  • Leaving an impression in the first 30 seconds

    I recently attended a networking event to interact with about 125 small business owners who gathered to introduce their products and services to one another, hoping to set up future discovery meetings.

  • It’s hunting season...time to stalk elusive prospects

    It’s my favorite time of year ... hunting season! The air is crisp, the sun is high in the sky and the leaves are turning bright colors.

  • Analyzing, executing the art and science of selling
    How do you approach selling? The most effective salespeople I know focus on skillfully blending the science and art of selling to achieve success without overreliance on one area or the other.
  • Value is the king of sales, and the queen of service
    Value is perhaps the most illusive word in sales. Everyone will tell you how important it is, very few can tell you what it is. I’ve already gone on ad nauseam about my distaste for the words “added value.” I recommend you leave them out of your sales lexicon forever. “Added value” has an evil twin: “value add.”
  • How do you picture yourself? Pretty powerful question when you think about it. Some of you are thinking handsome or pretty, some overweight or average, some successful or struggling. Some pictures are happy, some are not. Very not.

  • I have been a salesperson for almost 40 years and have struggled with trust issues that seem to be inherent in the buyer/seller relationship. Salespeople are manipulative and self-centered and “buyers are liars” are the pervasive stereotypes with which most people are familiar.

  • Change is coming. Got fear or joy? Got worry or positive anticipation? When you feel or fear that some form of change is coming, you have to define it in your mind as opportunity. Clear your head for “what will be” tomorrow, and not worry about “what is” today.

  • To succeed, you need to learn how to fail
    “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them” is a quote by famous American author Henry David Thoreau, who died in the year 1862. I read this quote in 1968 and it was life changing for me as it seemed to force me to question why I acted or failed to act in any given situation.
  • I began this year in retrospect by reading a 60-year-old book on the masters of selling. The book, titled “America’s Twelve Master Salesmen,” was written and published by B.C. Forbes & Sons in 1953.

  • How do you get those "earworms" of negativity out of your head so you can focus of the positives of your sales calls?

  • Want to make an attitude change? Take actions

    I define attitude as, “The way you dedicate yourself to the way you think.” Think negative or think positive is a choice and a process. Negative is (unfortunately) an instinctive process. Positive is a learned self-discipline that must be studied and practiced every day.

  • May is “Small Business Month,” a time to celebrate the companies that represent the backbone of our economy. Did you know there are over 28 million small businesses in the United States, 22 million of which are made up of self-employed individuals? Additionally, I discovered that over 50 percent of America’s workforce is employed by a small business and approximately 543,000 small businesses are started every month.
  • Josh Coffy is a world class Twitter expert. His social media consulting service has gained hundreds of his clients thousands of (legitimate) followers. And the following grows organically every day
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