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Saturday, May 30, 2015 11:22 AM
  • May is “Small Business Month,” a time to celebrate the companies that represent the backbone of our economy. Did you know there are over 28 million small businesses in the United States, 22 million of which are made up of self-employed individuals? Additionally, I discovered that over 50 percent of America’s workforce is employed by a small business and approximately 543,000 small businesses are started every month. 
  • Josh Coffy is a world class Twitter expert. His social media consulting service has gained hundreds of his clients thousands of (legitimate) followers. And the following grows organically every day 
  • There are four components every truly effective leader must incorporate in order to be consistently impactful in their position: supervision, coaching, training and mentoring. If you were to draw a pie chart and placed these four areas within it applying percentages that you dedicate to each one, what would it look like? 
  • Somewhere between the ages of 20 and 21 (personal enlightenment), I rededicated myself to education, personal development, and professional development. And I’ve stayed on that track for more than 45 years. My goal then, and my goal now, is learning something new every day. 
  • Everyone knows that as a nation we are somewhere between overweight and obese. This is not good.

  • On Sunday mornings, my routine is highly predictable: I get up early, press a button on my Jura coffee maker, read the newspaper and watch the CBS Sunday Morning news program. Hosted by Charles Osgood, it features high-profile news and human interest stories that appeal to the masses. 
  • How come people don’t call me back? People not calling you back is not a problem, it’s a symptom.
  • I was watching the news last night when I heard the newscaster exclaim, “We live in a country where laws have been established to protect its citizens and it is our responsibility to abide by them.” He then proclaimed, “The vast majority who reside here are law-abiding individuals who accept the rationale behind obeying the laws that govern us.”

  • How do you respond to your customer’s words and barriers? The answer is: Carefully, truthfully, and with authority.

  • Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m on a mission?” I think people use that phrase far too loosely when speaking about the behavior they are performing or the objective they are trying to achieve. 
  • If you want to gain new self-confidence, look for old information. Old is often new. My morning read consisted of this passage from Napoleon Hill’s immortal book, “Think and Grow Rich.” It was all about self-confidence.

  • I established my business in 1994 believing that all human beings have the motivation to learn and improve themselves. What I have observed over the past 20 years has, indeed, validated this premise with a rather dramatic twist. 
  • I’m giving a 10-minute talk at Toastmasters in New York City. Subject? Humor — what it is, how to create it, and how to use it. I am challenged to help the club members find new ways and new ideas to make their audience laugh and engage.

  • I love the holidays and the joy I experience when I see decorations and hear songs reminding me of so many happy celebrations! It’s, also, a special time of year when salespeople appear to cast a magical spell over the calendar and transform 12 months into 10! 
  • Ever leave a tip? Sure you have. And most of the time, the amount of the tip is based on the perceived service or quality. Sometimes it’s a combination of qualities: food plus server’s performance. 
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