NAPERVILLE - Convenient Care Plus, an Omaha-based health membership company, is expanding its business to include Illinois and Tennessee, per Paul O’Toole, of Naperville, who was recently named vice president of business development.
“Since introducing our membership program to the market in May, we have seen a steady increase in business so expanding into larger markets is a natural progression for the company. We look forward to increasing our presence in the healthcare marketplace by offering a unique service designed to save members money while giving them access to quality care,” said Kevin Hensel, vice president, sales and marketing.
For a monthly membership fee, Convenient Care Plus offers its members access to a network of credentialed physicians who can diagnose or prescribe via phone or video chat 24/7.  Members can also visit a network of providers at no additional cost. The monthly fee also pays for laboratory and x-rays from covered providers.
“The concept of Convenient Care Plus is simple. Instead of paying the full cost of an office visit, members simply pay a monthly fee for unlimited visits to providers with no out of pocket expenses for common illnesses such as earache, sore throat, pink eye, bronchitis and much more,” O’Toole added. “Convenient Care Plus isn’t insurance, but works well with high deductible health plans.” 
With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many employers now offer high deductible health plans to employees in order to save costs. Although the actual cost of the insurance may be more affordable, the cost of accessing care might be hard for many people since high deductibles must be met before benefits are paid. “If you are a parent with a sick child and are faced with the possibility of paying the full cost of an office visit you may put off going to the doctor. With Convenient Care Plus you can get the care you and your family need without worrying about additional medical expenses,” Hensel said.
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