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Jeff Helfand

An interview with Jeff Helfand, executive producer of Game Show Gurus in Schaumburg.

Q: Tell us about Game Show Gurus.   
A: Game Show Gurus presents TV-like and unique game show programs for team building, sales meetings, trade show traffic builders, festivals social events, and even kids programs for schools and families. Many programs are designed to involve as many people as possible and are staged differently than what you might see on TV. We have a wide variety of resources to produce multiple events at once. Some of our popular game show formats include: Survey Says, Trivia Blitz, Get Wired For This, Versus, Category Challenge, and our new Game Show Give Away. We have formats that are fast trivia, TV-take offs, audience response, physical challenge, and risk/reward.

Q: How did the idea for the business originate?
A: We started as a mobile DJ company and bought our first game show system back in 1995. In 2001, we decided to promote game shows instead of doing what everyone else was doing. Presenting game shows takes a great deal of preproduction that just can’t be done if you have to worry about other markets.

Q: What area do you service?
A: We mostly service the suburbs and Chicago, but travel easily to the six states surrounding us. We have had events as far as Kansas City and New Orleans.

Q: Who do you cater to?
A: We provide game shows at sliding scales for all markets from a simple birthday party or Scout event, up to schools, colleges. Much of our work has been corporate with some promotional events and casinos. Every group has a budget and we try to design production scales to meet that budget and desired presentation level.

Q: Do you tackle a lot of business events?
A: Yes

Q: Tell us about your more fun or unusual offerings.
A: Besides game shows, we have a sideline services of providing green screen video and photos. These make great add ons instead of a photo booth or an alternative traffic builder. In PopNoggins, we video record people’s faces and put them over computer generated bodies — everyone gets a DVD and it is able to upload to social media. People watching get a laugh. In Flipbook Movies, we take a ten second video of a group and turn it into a 60 page business card size “flipbook,” complete with branding. In BobbleNoggins, we can take a green screen photo of a face and put it on a 12” figurine of your choice. In Digital Graffiti Wall, players get to take a picture, which is shown on a green screen. They then get to “spray” on the photo any “Graffiti” using digital ink. All is printed or uploaded to social media.

 — Kim Mikus