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Sunday, May 24, 2015 5:52 AM
  • Student entrepreneurs develop business plans

    A 14-year-old is on the road to sell ethnic food cooking kits, a sixth-grader is making natural lip gloss and a middle school student is CEO of a company that makes slippers that light up at night, so you don’t bump into things in the dark.

  • If there are two words to describe Gabi Perez, she says they are “adventurous” and “driven.” Her most recent move to open a dessert shop in Downers Grove, a goal she has been thinking about for 18 years, demonstrate these traits

  • After spending more than three decades in the commercial art and advertising industry, Chris Bonk’s position was downsized and he searched for a different medium. He found Bottle & Bottega, a growing franchise that involves holding interactive art parties

  • Growing up in Deerfield, Mike Dorfman was one of those kids who enjoyed working on cars, playing the drums and inventing things. It’s these characteristics that have driven him to run a successful musical instrument manufacturing company for the past 25 years. 
  • Small business owner Sarine Crotteau realizes that she sets the tone and the atmosphere for her business on a daily basis. She knows the importance of her role. 
  • Stephane Rambaud grew up in Paris, France and learned a great deal about the transport business from his grandfather and his dad. He came to the Chicago area to do a one-month internship 30 years ago. An inner drive and desire to grow a company brought him to a top position of a global transportation firm. 
  • It’s not hard to see why baseball analogies have been used in business for ages: The sport is filled with great lessons in management and leadership that transfer to the business world. 
  • Olam International, a global company specializing in the cocoa, coffee, cashew, cotton and spice industries, just opened a test kitchen and sales office for one of its divisions in Willowbrook. 
  • Benjamin Ripstein wanted a night that his customers and the community would remember when planning the grand reopening of his Lake Zurich business severely damaged by fire last spring.  He didn't disappoint. 
  • What started out as a brief discussion on a Sunday afternoon drove five area business leaders to come together to help families in financial need. In just a few short months, The Build Team was born in an effort to assist in keeping people in their homes. 
  • When Gary Schafer tells people that he manages the consumer market for hand-held metal detectors, everyone has the same image go through their heads. “Yes, people think of the guys on the beach,” he says with a laugh. 
  • Dan Beelow, owner of a popular Lake Zurich steakhouse on Rand Road, is expanding his restaurant concept in downtown Highland Park. Beelow plans to open his second location at 1850 Second St. on the North Shore at the end of January or early February.

  • Global Trade magazine recently named Elk Grove Village as a 2014 Best American City for Global Trade. 
  • A stabilizing real estate market and the fact that people are choosing to stay in their homes longer are two main reasons Katlia Construction is expanding its operations into Des Plaines. 
  • SUS Corporation, a Japanese manufacturing company, plans to open its first U.S. location in Elk Grove Village by the end of December.

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