When planning flowers and table accents for a corporate meeting or event, experts suggest sticking to one theme and not trying to incorporate everything you like on Pinterest.
It’s easy to go overboard with all the ideas on social media these days, but event planners and florists say staying with a theme for the event is essential. “The theme can be a lot of things. For example, it can be clean or a color or urban,” said Baxter Phillip, executive vice president of Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts.
The florist, with 10 locations in the suburbs and Chicago, works with event planners and suggests that companies hosting events listen to people who have experience. “We see everything in a different light,” said Dean Futris, design manager at the cental design center at Phillip’s.
For example, he says planning a wedding is much different from planning a business meeting when it comes to flowers. “For meetings and conferences we like to keep the arrangements lower to the table to allow for conversation,” said Futris, who has been in the industry for 35 years.
He added that when it comes to corporate events, “architectural and glass shapes” are popular for centerpieces right now. Sometimes wood tones or metallics, steel or aluminum are other choices that lend themselves to a business atmosphere. Using the colors of the corporate logo is a trend they see often.
The type of corporate event also dictates what type of application the florist would look at, Futris says.
A simple luncheon is handled differently than a corporate convention with dinners, meetings and evening events. For a three-day event, Futris explains that they would re-purpose the arrangements. Or maybe the client would want to rent plants for a stage. Or if it is a gala fundraiser, a different approach would be used. “There are a lot of applications,” Futris said.
However, when you say corporate event, Phillip says they think, “elegant, low and succulent.”
When it comes to color schemes, there are also many aspects to consider.
“The most important aspect is to take into consideration the room,” Futris said. “We must work with the view and the color,” he said. It’s important to consider if the view is a skyline, a wooded forest or if there is a stream running by. “Always keep in mind what the room offers you and what color scheme works with the room,” he added.
Some popular flower designs and themes in the industry right now are the urban, rustic woodland and winter frost, which would include a white, silvery with green sparkle look. “We build on the theme to achieve the greatest impact,” Futris said.
When creating centerpieces, many often incorporate products from the company. This may include printed materials or if it’s a manufacturing company, it may be a metal valve or other gadget they make. “We make these pieces part of the design,” Futris said.
When it comes to flowers, popular choices right now for corporate events include orchids, tropical flowers, birds of paradise, grasses such as cattails or field grass, berries and queen anne’s lace.
Each florist in the area also has a different niche. “Our focus is on flowers and table accents,” Futris said, adding that they do not do a lot with stage props or video walls. They do a lot of work in the $3,000 to $10,000 range.
The reputation of the florist is also important. Phillip’s, a family business has been around for 90 years and has 150 employees with 7 of them being full-time family members.
The main aspect to keep in mind though when looking at table accents is to engage the attendees, Phillip says.